Producing X-ray shielding tiles

07 August 2021
Producing X-ray shielding tiles

Producing X-ray shielding tiles is one of the interesting subjects for tile manufacturers in recent years. X-rays have gained prominence as a diagnostic tool in the medical field. A large number of equipment exposing X-ray are made every year for medical diagnoses worldwide.

Although controlled radiations can have important role in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, uncontrolled scattered radiation can cause harm to human cells and hence destroy tissues and organs. It is evident that ionizing radiations increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, radiation protection is an important issue in the medical imaging industry.

Lead is one of the well-known materials in X-ray shielding field. High density and high atomic number are important properties cause its use in this field. On the other hand, lead is a toxic material and causes environmental problems. European Union placed a ban on the use of lead in healthcare in Europe on 2014. Because of these problems, scientists are trying to find substitutions for lead.

a few other heavy metals are known to offer effective X-ray protection. heavy metals that can be used in X-ray shielding field are mentioned in below table. Using these heavy metals in production of ceramic tiles can bring X-ray shielding properties.

Lead Lead Tungsten Barium Antimony Tin Metal Name
Bi Pb W Ba Sb Sn Chemical Symbol
83 82 74 56 51 50 Atomic Number

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