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What is ceramic slab and what are its features ?

The word slab in Latin means or sheet or piece. Production of ceramic slabs is one of the new processes in the ceramic tile industry, which is done with advanced machines. Slab dimensions are much larger than ordinary tiles. These dimensions depend on the intended applications.

At present, with the advancement of technology and the use of modern devices and tools in the world, the production of ceramics in the form of slabs has increased and on the other hand, the use of this type of ceramics in the interior design of buildings is increasing.

Slab ceramics are very popular nowadays and have become a favorite of architects. Reasons for this include the minimum number of connections between them, the integration and the stunning appearance.

The large size of slab ceramics is a great option for displaying large surfaces in commercial locations for a powerful visual impact. It also helps to create a contemporary style. In addition, the thin thickness of the ceramic slabs makes them a great option for renovation projects. By creating various effects such as matte and glossy, metallic, sugar, creating streaks in the body, etc., and inspired by nature, slabs can be produced with a special effect that dazzles the eyes of every viewer.

The natural effects of slabs have made it possible to combine this type of ceramics with other materials used, such as stone or wood, for flooring. The high quality and stunning beauty of slabs has led to the use of these types of ceramics in many luxury residential, office and commercial projects.

In new methods of building interior design, the use of large sheets of slabs instead of smaller tiles has become common. The use of slabs in large sizes such as 120 * 240, 240 * 360 cm, etc. Gives a unique beauty and integration to the space and makes the design more eye-catching.

Applications of ceramic slabs can be used in the interior of buildings such as hall and reception floors, lobby floors and walls, building entrances, fireplace and elevator walls, space behind the TV, master bathroom, in the kitchen for cabinets, counters and dining tables, pointed in commercial centers and luxury buildings.